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Welcome to Deliver Kings!

Deliver Kings is a locally-owned family business intent on helping consumers enjoy quality meals without the hassle of leaving their homes or leaving their workplace for lunch. By ordering your meal through our website, we will ensure timely delivery and great customer service. So, when you're craving a late-night snack, but don't want to head out in the PNW rain, use Deliver Kings! Really busy at work and you are starving? Deliver Kings has you covered. 

We have partnered with over 20 local restaurants to bring you not only variety, but an affordable delivery option from all over town. Deliver Kings takes great pride in our service - ensuring we hire high-quality, respectful drivers who have the same mission we do: to support small businesses and our community. We offer coupon codes, giveaways, and free delivery days throughout the year! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to take advantage of these opportunities!